ًWhy Link Ads are the best in google adsense

Link Ads

For every Adsense user there is a hint
It is from my experience...

If you, as many Google adsense users, complain about low CTR and low earnings compared to other sites, this might be helpful for you

First you should know than conventional adsense Ad Units have some disadvantages as:
1-Ad Units styles and formats are now boring and repeated for visitors
2-Most advertisers doesn't put attractive words in there ads, thats to apply google adwords policies and to attract targeted visitors they want
3-Also if Ads are related to your content, it is not necessary to relate to visitors interests


Almost every site you visit, so what makes the visitor click yours?!

So why Link ads are the Best?
1-It is the only form of google ads that looks for the visitors interests, it depends on the visitor searches done with google.
2-The visitor may choose ads, which may be interesting for some visitors.
3-When some one clicks, he gets a list of sites , so he may click more than once
4-The link ads titles are more interesting
5-You will get a significant rise in earnings if you could blend text ads in a link list or list of your site content