ِBlogging on Flixya

Flixya is considered one of the most famous sites of Adsense Revenue sharing

Blogging on Flixya has the following advantages :

1- Flixya already have a high Page Rank an high traffic , so whatever you write ,specially if genuine, will get the first results in search engines which in other words mean free perfect SEO.

2-Adsense placement and arrangement is excellent and are professionally done
3-Guaranteed large number of visitors.

4-Getting your account banned is difficult , specially when some fool is trying to do that.

5-You also can upload videos and photos.

6-100 % of ads are yours , so impressions , clicks and all benefits come to you.

7-Flixya is becoming more and more famous every day.

8-Originally nice page arrangements with Bookmarks and nice order

9-Every day , I find more advantages of this wonderful site with wonderful idea.

What to do when some one tries to close your Adsense acount

Adsense is so fragile,
this is a fact , Unfortunately your adsense account can get easily banned if some one wants , there are different ways such as large number of invalid clicks and putting your site in an auto-surf ...

So what can you do ?
just follow these steps

1- If you notice any increase in clicks or impressions , Remove Adsense ASAP and contact Google at adsense-support@google.com

2- You must review the mail you subscribed with in Adsense , because if you Violate the rules they send you an e-mail and give you chance for 3 days then you get banned

3- you must know that this problem (getting banned because of some one else ) is very common and you must expect it at any time

4- Subscribe in Google Analytics to know the auto-surf or other Programs or sources of traffic that could get you banned

5- Do not depend all time and work on Adsense , Take chances with other programs

6- Use Adsense channels , because some time the fool that want you to get banned may take the code only and put it in an illegal site

Blogging with Adsense ... The basic step

First of all I would like to enumerate some tips for blogging with Adsense , This would be the main theme of this blog ,

1-GENUINE CONTENT is the clue , you can get high ranks and good search engine results with genuine content . Search engines are the best source of traffic and so the best source of revenue with adsense.

2-Never start a blog just for adsense , write about what you like , blogging or making a site just for Adsense get you bad ranks and search results , it is called MFA site , it is hated by google and visitors , just write about what you love or like to write about and try to be unique .

3-Better to write with Blogger.

4-Imagine that you are a visitor to your blog , what would you like , make it good looking and ask your friends about their opinion.

5-Update your blog and add new posts at least weekly .

6-Concentrate on organising and proper arrangement.

7-After you made a good genuine blog with proper amount of content , submit your blog to high ranked directories and high ranked social bookmarking sites as Digg.com , also to search engines and RSS sites.

8-Creat your blog site map and submit it to google and yahoo.

9-After you have done all this subscribe with Adsense.

10-Don't quit easly ... be patient and most sites and blogs get high traffic by aging , and always remember visitors = revenue.

11-Change your adsense colors and placement from time to time and try to fix to the highest revenue placements , in my opinion I don't think that this is effective but a lot of publishers think so . Don't ask someone to tell you about the best colors or formates , try them by yourself.

Good Luck ,

Submit your blog sitemap

Submit your blog sitemap to

Google , Yahoo , Ask and Moreover (MSN)
First learn to make your blog sitemap
this helps you :
- Inform search engine of your blog
- Getting Page rank
- Getting good search results
- Getting traffic

Creat your blog site map

Creating a blog site map is easy
just add rss.xml to the end of your blog link

just Submit your link as


thats it
it is the official site map of your blog

Know Your Blog Page Rank

Just put the link of your blog

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

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