What to do when some one tries to close your Adsense acount

Adsense is so fragile,
this is a fact , Unfortunately your adsense account can get easily banned if some one wants , there are different ways such as large number of invalid clicks and putting your site in an auto-surf ...

So what can you do ?
just follow these steps

1- If you notice any increase in clicks or impressions , Remove Adsense ASAP and contact Google at adsense-support@google.com

2- You must review the mail you subscribed with in Adsense , because if you Violate the rules they send you an e-mail and give you chance for 3 days then you get banned

3- you must know that this problem (getting banned because of some one else ) is very common and you must expect it at any time

4- Subscribe in Google Analytics to know the auto-surf or other Programs or sources of traffic that could get you banned

5- Do not depend all time and work on Adsense , Take chances with other programs

6- Use Adsense channels , because some time the fool that want you to get banned may take the code only and put it in an illegal site