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Resize blog ( make it look like a web site )

How to resize blogger blog

1-Enter to your blogger dashboard
2-Go to LAYOUT
4-Press Ctrl+F to find "width"
5-You will find " width:650px; " 650 is the pixel number, it may differ from one template to another or it might be with percentage, this is the width of the whole blog make it about 900 this value is optimum
6-Be sure to change width of other columns of blog by the same way .

Reasons of low adsense earnings per click

Lot of adsense users receive large number of clicks with low earning
here are some reasons and how to solve this problem

1-Low paying keywords : is the most common reason, you might build a site about something you love, but you find that your keywords are not paying well...
Solution : really I find building a blog or site about something you like is much more better than building a site for adsense , if still haven't built your site yet try to find high paying keywords here
If you have built your site already, you have not got much to do , try to make other pages on your site with high paying keywords.

2-Low paying ads : now there is a lot of sites that pay very low per click
Solution : Filter these sites using competitive ad filter is adsense setup, there is no such list for these sites , for every site there are certain ads that appear , you should try to filter sites that pay low , usually these sites appear more often , so try start with them to filter , change your filter list and try to notice the change per click

3-Visitors : Adsense higher for clicks from Europe and USA
because they are the internet buyers
Solutions : try to attract USA and European visitors

4-Your site language : ads appear according to language
Solution : best is english

5-Your site : every site has a rank and Google adsense earnings and ads that are displayed on your site depend on its rank
Solution : try to get a high rank and put genuine content , aging and continuity is a factor.

Low CTR reasons

Why you might have a low click through rate CTR ..

Here are some reasons :

1-Untargeted traffic : is the major reason might get visitors who are not looking for your content, this may be due to bad choice of your keywords.
solution : wise choice of keywords , genuine content , useful content

2-High number of pages : you must know that adsense impressions doesn't depend on unique visitors, it depends on page views.. so you might have 20 pages and have 20 visitors / day so you get impressions of 400 while there is only 20 people visited your site and about 2 clicked your ads
so your CTR will be 0,5 % which you will see as very low
solution : if this is the only reason , don't change it .. high number of pages is good and increase your alexa rank..keep it genuine and keep up the good work

3-Bad presentations : now most websites use adsense a visitor, imagine how boring it will be that most sites have the same shape of advertisements
solution : try unusual forms of adsense as link ads..

4-Bad placing : most sites put ads at header or at the is really good..but better is embedding in the content and link ads under the site link list ..most people recommend the large rectangle , but why don't you go for the button or half banner the are not used a lot and they appear attractive for me
solution : try embedding in your content..and embed small ad formats don't place a large rectangle in small width article .. don't annoy your reader.

5-Having so much adsense in a single page
solution : remove some ads dude..

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Tips on Staying out of the Google Sandbox

The “sandbox, ” is a place where Google will often put newly created domains and websites that is like a probation period. Once in the sandbox, the website will not be listed on search engine results pages. In essence, the website will not exist on Google, which means that for all intents and purposes, the website barely exists at all.

1) Build Links the Right Way – Directories, social bookmarking, articles, and press releases are the only things I use on a new site. I never trade links until my website is strong enough to trade with quality, relevant websites. The link building should be steady and even. Submitting to 500 directories the week after a website is launched is an easy ticket into the sandbox, in my opinion. Build them slowly – 30 the first week, 50 each of the next two weeks, 75-100 per week after that. For SB sites, 1 a day is great. There are literally hundreds that are search engine friendly, so get them in there slowly. Include you link in press releases and articles at a good pace, 1-4 per month.

2) Adding Content Regularly – If you have 100 pages, reveal them to Google through internal linking and sitemap additions at a steady pace. Keep track f which pages are being indexed. Avoid duplicate content at all costs. If you have a blog (or if it is a blog), make sure you are posting at least twice a week at a steady pace. No scraping, no RSS feeds for the first few weeks after first getting indexed, and no worthless, keyword stuffed content. Make it good.

3) No Spamming – If you want your site sandboxed, plug it in to blog comments and forum signatures in bulk. Digg every page. Use black hat techniques. You’ll be sandboxed in a couple of weeks. Adding your links through forum signatures is not bad, especially if it’s in a relevant forum that can bring traffic. It should still be avoided in the infancy of a website, at least until the inbound link count is large enough that the sig-links are but a tiny portion.

4) Long Tail Shield – It is my belief that Google believes websites must work their way up a hierarchy. Using anchor text, go after several (dozens, even hundreds) of long-tail keywords. Establish you website there first, then move on to the broader, more competitive ones. If you are starting an automotive classified site with dealers nationwide, the natural tendency is to go after “Used Cars” or a similar keyword. It will take years. First, go after “Used Honda in Dallas” or “Miami Preowned Accord.” Once you do well there, move on to tougher searches like “Used Cars Oklahoma City”. Graduate to “Used Car Search”. You’ll notice one day after a few months (assuming the site is properly optimized) that you pop up #78 on “Used Cars”. That is when it is time to go after the prize.

There is no hard evidence that the sandbox is completely avoidable, no matter what tactics are used. Technically, there is no hard evidence that the sandbox exists.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips and Tricks

1. On Page Optimization:
• After making a thorough research on the keywords, use the keywords in the metatags, titles and contents of your webpages.
• Try using about 2 keywords in the contents of a single webpage.

2. Off Page Optimization:
• You need to have a high page rank to be placed at a top position in a search engine. Linking to a website having a high page rank will serve this purpose.
• To convince a website of high page rank is the job that requires all your efforts as websites with a high page rank do not always link to websites having lower page rank than theirs.
• So you need to convince them to that extent to trade links or else you can always opt for the easy way to get a high page rank by paying the websites of higher page rank to link to your website. Of course paying to link with high page rank websites is possible only with websites who offer such a feature.
• Another simpler option is buying expired domains that already have a high page rank.

3. Beat your competitor in search engine ranking: Don’t try to beat the search engine. Try to beat your competitor website and try to do at least one thing better than them and continue this till you see some visible changes in the search engine ranks.

4. Popular search terms are better than keywords: Using the most popular and highly sorted out search term is better than using popular keywords.

5. More the number of pages of your website, the better is your page rank.
• Less number of pages with a high density of keywords won’t attract the search engines as much as more number of pages in a website with limited keywords.
• Eg: Wikipedia has millions of pages and so for almost any search term you find it in the top 10 search results. This wasn’t achieved in a day, the pages were added little by little and finally their count grew to millions.
• Rather than cramping everything in a single webpage, distribute it among different webpages.
• A single webpage could have 400-800 words per page.

6. To increase your webpages, you could start writing articles on a regular basis. For this you can write it yourself or heir a Ghostwriter who may charge you around $5 per article or borrow it from an article website and publish it on your website keeping the author’s resource box intact.

7. Your website should have a newsletter feature.
• Subscribers of your newsletter will judge you by the quality of the content that you send them.
• So sit down to write some quality content for your newsletter.
• Even if you have 5-10 people who have signed up for your newsletter, you can get 80% of the sales from them.

8. On subscribing for your newsletter, provide the subscribers with some bonuses to entice them to visit your website again and again.

9. Give away reports on topics related to your website contents to your newsletter subscribers using autoresponders.

10. Submit your articles to E-zines, article directories etc., as these websites have huge traffic and your article thus can experience great exposure and the links back to your website can get huge website traffic too. These links placed here, are of great value to your website and thus placing your article in such websites gets traffic and backlink benefits.

11. Other than submitting articles in E-zines and article directories also try submitting your article to various websites that have contests similar to your article. This article should have links back to your website, so that the traffic experienced by their website could be redirected to yours too in exchange of the articles. The articles written for your website, as well as submitted to different websites should follow certain strategies like:
• Find search terms that are searched at least 100 times per day but not more than 1 million times per day.
• Use these keywords throughout your article with a density of 3-7% per article. You could also use these keywords in the title of your article.
• Spend some time thinking of an attractive title for your article.
• Your article should have a good opening paragraph, so that people would go through your entire article with interest.

12. Make use of article announcement list which is quite similar to article directory where most of the visitors are generally webmasters in search of a quality article to be published on their website.

13. Submit your website in popular directories for increased traffic and backlinks. Submit your website only when it is fully functional to avoid rejection by the directories.

14. Join webmaster’s forum and try becoming a problem solver over there.
• Advice the forum members to find a solution to their problems.
• Ask for their opinions and comments for any of your works.
• If you have a blog of your own, then tell them about it and you could also mention about various posts that would help them find a solution to their problems and from the blog direct them to your website.
• If you direct them directly to your website they will feel as if you are there just to get traffic for your website ad not really there to advice them for solutions.

15. Beware of certain websites that provides codes, which you may be asked to place on your website to get 1000 of links to your website in minutes, but after this you website will certainly get removed from the search engines results. So beware and avoid risks.

16. Classifieds submission to get traffic for your website was once considered a very profitable deal but now due to its overcrowding, it is not so popular to attract traffic, although you do have chances of getting traffic from classified websites too. As its submission is for free might as well give it a try. Always use keywords to write your classified ads.

17. If you are a part of an affiliate network where the websites would like to refer their visitors to each other’s websites, then share posts, articles, newsletters with your website links placed on it, with such websites. You affiliates could use them for their own newsletters and finally, you are trying to help them send visitors to your website.

18. Set up your own blog at or to display your website’s articles. Here your content gets maximum reviews and could thus help you improve your website content, making use of these reviews.

19. Once you blog becomes quite popular, submit your blog’s RSS to RSS directory to get more traffic.
• For, it is “”
• For, it is “”

20. Write press releases.
• Press releases are the notifications that you send to media about noticeable and newsworthy information to get media attention and advertising for free.
• As press releases you can send your website poll information, latest survey information with special reports and mention that this was solely carried out by your website.
• Before writing your press release, go through some of the sample press releases already available on the website, so that you come to know about the format in which a press release has to be presented.
• Avoid presenting it as some advertising copy.

21. Newspaper press releases: When you write a press release, you can also mail the press release to the editor of a newspaper column where you want your press release to appear. The same could be done to printed magazines too.

22. The content of a single webpage should not exceed more than 400-800 words as search engines would not like to go through each and every word of your webpage. Distribute your contents over different webpages if the content is too long to be displayed in a single webpage, this will allow you to target more keywords.

23. If you want your visitors to click a particular link in your website, you could use the terms like “ Not many people know about this link.”

Adding Google adSense to a Blogger Blog (single Video)

Adsense Maximization Videos

Easy Tips to Maximize Your AdSense Commissions

My Best Google Adsense Tips

Andrew explains google adsense

Adsense tips and tricks mainly for advanced users.

Adsense Maximization Tips

Invite friends to draw a heat map of your site

Invite some friends over coffee and ask them to explore your blog like the navigation bars, categories, search, etc. Sit when them to understand what areas on the site grabs their attention and what remain neglected. Also automatically record their mouse movements in background using a free software called Mouse Map.

Once you collect data from 5-10 people, you will get a better understanding of how visitors interact with your site - the areas that receive maximum focus might be a good place for advertising. [Original Idea by Darren Rowse]

Important: To ensure that your friends do not accidentally click on the Google Ads, replace your ads with static graphics or change the value of google_ad_client.

When Content is Variable, Force CPM Ads

The content of your homepage, archives and category pages will vary almost every day and therefore Google may serve ads which are out of context.

Since non-targeted ads have a poor conversion rate, use only “Image Ads” on these page that can are generally CPM in nature and are in available in Image, Flash and Video formats. You may not be making revenue from clicks but the impressions will slowly add up. [Original Idea by Jennifer Slegg]

Remove Adsense from Poorly Performing Pages

Use channels to track the effective earnings from Adsense on your webpage and remove the Adsense code from pages that aren’t performing well.

Similarly, if you own ten different websites, remove Adsense code from sites that aren’t bringing in any revenue. Google uses a concept called Smart Pricing that applies to all sites owned by an Adsense Publisher.

Niche Sites
Targeted niche sites that have a clear theme, tend to generate more advertising revenue simply because it is easier for these sites to achieve decent search engine placement. Be warned though, you want to choose a niche where there is a sufficient number of advertisements available.

Target Keywords
When determining the site's focus, consider how much advertisers pay for the advertisements. If the site is focused on ringtones, like Ringtone Central the payout per-click is going to be very small because ringtones are not high ticket items and advertisers will not spend a lot on pay-per-click advertisements. With less obvious markets use Overture to determine how much advertisers pay-per-keyword. It is usually similar on Google. Search Overture for a keyword then click "View Advertisers' Max Bids" in the top right corner. This will show the Overture inventory and how much is paid per keyword. Because the market has become very competitive, it is difficult to rank well in search engines with a new website that is optimized for the terms that have the highest payout. Consider targeting terms that are moderately priced.

Aged Sites / Time
Over time as a website is spidered by Google, advertisements will generally increase in relevance. In general, older websites will rank better in search engines. The closer the advertisements relate to the webpage's content; the higher the "click-through" the publishers will see.

Optimize each page for adsense

Research competitive keywords using a keyword research tool such as Overture's keyword suggestion tool at or grab a list of the most popular keywords from various sources and use them in your web site pages where relevant. There is a great article at - - which is a great way to find frequently searched keywords. By using these popular keywords, you're opening the door for Google to place higher paying ads on your website. The more popular the keyword or phrase, the higher AdWords advertisers are generally willing to pay per click. This results in much higher rates of commission for you on each of those clicks.

Use Google's Custom Channels for each of the ad units on your site

Google has provided web site publishers with some great tools to help you analyze and tweak your adsense ads. Give each unit a unique name and then analyze the results and keep tweaking them until you get the desired results from them. If they are not working were they are placed, move them. Try changing the colors and integrating them differently into the text and keep detailed notes on the changes you are making and see which one's make the biggest change to your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Blend you Adsense ads into your web pages

This next tip is one of the simplest changes I made but had a huge effect on my earnings. Make links the same color as your existing text links. Don't try and make the ads stand out on the page by using bright colors as all this achieves is making a big warning sign that these are ads and the majority of people will then not click on the links. By making the links the same color as your links, it looks like they are an extension of your page. If you use the tip above and optimize each page for specific keywords then the ads served on the page will be related to the information on the page and you'll see your CTR shoot up.

And finally, a tip that I advise for all aspects of website marketing, not just for adsense purposes is, learn from the masters. There are plenty of people making thousands of dollars in adsence earnings every month and have gone through all the trial and error iterations that need to be done to find the most successful way to maximize your adsense earnings. My advice, invest in their courses. They pay for themselves in a very short period of time.

Adsense vs Adbrite

1. Adsense does not accept Casino, adult and Viagra sites. Adbrite does.

2. If you have a site which is high traffic like Humour where adsense your earnings is low, with adbrite your earnings will be great. Good examples: with Over 490,000 Unique visitors and with Over 620,000, Unique visitors. Those two sites are a low earning with Adsense (proved) but with adbrite their earnings are thousands of dollars per month (may be per day!)

3. Customer care, I will not say that Google Adsense does not have a good customer care, but adbrite is Great! Pud, I will congratulate you about this great support team.

4. With Google adsense you can not sell Ad space in your site, but with Adbrite you can create your own Price and Packages. Also adbrite provide you with Network ads (as Google adsense).

5. Google adsense pay monthly, Adbrite pay 60-days.

6. With Google adsense you can not play with your code, with adbrite, you can add any style that you want. Play with it!

7. You can put Adsense and Adbrite code both, Without any problem.

8. A Small note: Adbrite works great in forums ;)

9. With adbrite the seller has a great advantage showing what the site provides. As unique visitors, Page views, Origin of traffic, Avg cost per click (eCPC), Site Category, Alexa rank, Repurchase rate, Conversion Score, AdBrite since, What CPC can I expect?, Ad zone description, and much more.

Adsense vs bidvertiser

Pros for Using BidVertiser
1. BidVertiser pays via Paypal. AdSense pays via check. Paypal deposit is quicker to get than a check.

2. The minimum payout from BidVertiser is $10. AdSense has a minimum payout of $100, which takes more time to reach. Many beginning advertisers give up on the early stages of using AdSense and never realize any of the profits for their labor.

3. You can choose to have links opened in a separate window. This allows users to stay on your website and hopefully click on other ads on the website.

4. You can manually approve ads. You don't have this control with AdSense.

5. When creating your ads, you can see a template for what the ad will look like before you put it on your site. For AdSense, you have to click on a separate link, for example, to see what a 234x60 ad looks like. This is excellent for beginners, but also for experienced users because the default selection on AdSense is 728x90 "Leaderboard", which many times is not what you want.

6. You can choose to display eBay auction ads (by default) or not. AdSense does not allow you this freedom.

7. Finally, a very good thing, you can see how much money the advertisers are bidding for the ads that will show on your website. You can't see that information from AdSense; you have to use some other system, like AdWords, to get an idea how profitable your ads can be for your niche.

Cons for Using BidVertiser
1. Some people experience slow page loads with BidVertiser compared to AdSense. This is a problem, because users don't like slow sites. They will go to the next one if yours is too slow.

2. Ads are not as relevant as the ones from AdSense. For example, I have a blog about chronic pain, and some of the ads I saw on my site were about dieting. Of course, I can manually block those ads that are not relevant. But the problem is that there were a lot of ads that were not relevant. There is no such problem with AdSense because you have more advertisers using AdSense than any other ad system.

3. AdSense pays more per click. This is not always true; it depends on the keywords that you use. But like I said on the previous point, there are more advertisers competing for AdSense ads, and competition in this case is good.

4. AdSense has a better reputation. Some people complain that BidVertiser did not pay them when the minimum payment reached the $10. Some people say that BidVertiser does pay. You have to experiment on your own to find out.