Blogging with Adsense ... The basic step

First of all I would like to enumerate some tips for blogging with Adsense , This would be the main theme of this blog ,

1-GENUINE CONTENT is the clue , you can get high ranks and good search engine results with genuine content . Search engines are the best source of traffic and so the best source of revenue with adsense.

2-Never start a blog just for adsense , write about what you like , blogging or making a site just for Adsense get you bad ranks and search results , it is called MFA site , it is hated by google and visitors , just write about what you love or like to write about and try to be unique .

3-Better to write with Blogger.

4-Imagine that you are a visitor to your blog , what would you like , make it good looking and ask your friends about their opinion.

5-Update your blog and add new posts at least weekly .

6-Concentrate on organising and proper arrangement.

7-After you made a good genuine blog with proper amount of content , submit your blog to high ranked directories and high ranked social bookmarking sites as , also to search engines and RSS sites.

8-Creat your blog site map and submit it to google and yahoo.

9-After you have done all this subscribe with Adsense.

10-Don't quit easly ... be patient and most sites and blogs get high traffic by aging , and always remember visitors = revenue.

11-Change your adsense colors and placement from time to time and try to fix to the highest revenue placements , in my opinion I don't think that this is effective but a lot of publishers think so . Don't ask someone to tell you about the best colors or formates , try them by yourself.

Good Luck ,