ِBlogging on Flixya

Flixya is considered one of the most famous sites of Adsense Revenue sharing

Blogging on Flixya has the following advantages :

1- Flixya already have a high Page Rank an high traffic , so whatever you write ,specially if genuine, will get the first results in search engines which in other words mean free perfect SEO.

2-Adsense placement and arrangement is excellent and are professionally done
3-Guaranteed large number of visitors.

4-Getting your account banned is difficult , specially when some fool is trying to do that.

5-You also can upload videos and photos.

6-100 % of ads are yours , so impressions , clicks and all benefits come to you.

7-Flixya is becoming more and more famous every day.

8-Originally nice page arrangements with Bookmarks and nice order

9-Every day , I find more advantages of this wonderful site with wonderful idea.


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