Adsense Alternatives

Lots of people get banned by adsense and others have hight traffic but against TOS because of copyright , so there is always a need for alternatives for adsense , However adsense is almost the best ad network .

Here are some Adsense Alternatives with a hint for each :

1- Clicksor : Excellent alternative with high revenue , but need a high traffic site and other conditions for site , you need to have a remarkable site to be accepted

2- AdBrite : The most famous alternative , with various forms of advertisements , good revenue , but non-english sites are difficult to benefit from it

3- Bidvertiser : Nice but much lower revenue than adbrite and adsense , also non suitable for non-english sites

4- AdEngage : major disadv. is you must wait until some one buys advertisement on your site , so non suitable for low traffic and non-famous sites

5- Yahoo Publisher Network : Excellent alternative but not suitable for non-English sites , For USA only

6- Text-link-ads : Good and you can publish it together with Adsense , but you must wait until some one buys a link in your site

others :



  1. ibrahim Says:

    consider Kontera

    here is an example

  2. Ellithy Says:

    kontera is already considered and just above the comment link !!!

  3. suda Says:

    This list have some famous options. But there are lot of other alternatives also.
    More Alternatives