Essential HTML codes To Be Known By Bloggers

To be a good blogger you must know how to write words, to be an excellent blogger you need to write HTML
For any blogger there are some codes are essential to be known as the following

1 - How to link : If you would like to put a link in a comment the best is Anchor link , that is to writ a certain word e.g Bloggers Blog , with that link to a page which is e.g

so use the following code :

2 - How to make an Icon to your blog : like you see the letter B beside my url above , you can chose an icon to your blog you just need a .ico image , upload it to any image host or to googlepages to obtain a direct URL to it put the following code in the HEAD area of your template :

Change to the .ico URL of your blog icon

3 - A SEO HTML code (SEO Meta tag) : the following code is just for blogs and it is believed to help in search engine optimization , as you may notice I am not using this code on this blog , It is a meta tag ,Used in old blogs and I personally do not depend much on these hacks , the code for any one who wants it is :

4 - How to link to an Image : If you like to add a picture simply you can use add new page element then add a picture, if you like this picture to link to a page use add HTML/Java script
then use the following code :

5 - For any codes you would like to know just submit it in a comment and leave your email and I will Send it to you ASAP ....


  1. afiliate Says:

    hi im need more idea about html code and meta tag and tell me in which place we can put the html code or meta tag pls im new in blog set up sorry to disterbute u
    my email is

  2. Ellithy Says:

    I added your email and any questions i ll answer u


  3. Ellithy Says:

    meta tags are put in head area

  4. lady influence Says:

    very useful.. i've stayed in your blog for a long time..your blog is very rich in relevant information.. congrats!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I need to know how to make my web site users be able to add comments
    Do you know how to do the add comment tags using html
    This is my

    Thank you

  6. gopi Says:

    halo friend i am a blogger but traffic is very low plz how to improve traffic
    plz give meta tag for blog