Why Blogs Rank High in Search Results

You may find wordpress and blogspot results rank high in search results, that may annoy you at first if your competitor is a blogger and you paid much for your website.
so, do why blogs rank high?

1- blogs have low code to text ratio that is there is little code on page including javascript, css, flash or even images, this is loved by search engines.

2- static URLs, however Google announced it does not matter to have dynamic or static urls, but word press also offers keywords in URL and in many languages other than English, blogger however put keywords in urls in english language only.

3- No need to sitemap, labels and archives for blogs give almost all links to the blog, also there is some ways as links to develop a ready made sitemap, not needing to build them from th start

4- Wordpress or Blogspot have just strong link profile, it is great to have a site xxx.blogspot.com, your blog act as if it is a sub domain for this high page rank sites, so it is also very easy to get a high page rank from the start.

5- Blogspot automatically correct most HTML errors and notify for others, this limit html errors to minimum which is also appreciated by search engines.

6- wordpress have a very good tagging system, this enriches the pot keywords, and improve keyword density.

It is great to have a blog even you got your website, there is many success stories about blogging, now many bloggers are working from their home, just as me !!

Abdel Rahman Ellithy
owner of : http://100fm6.com/ and http://nogoomfm.blogspot.com/