Google changes Search results "SERPs" continuously

Many webmasters can observe obvious changes in search engine ranking positions specially at Google.
That is why fellows at are building a new thread every month to dicuss these changes, but are these really new factors driven to detect better results? or just changes in the websites?
Google said that positions depend on hundred of factors and new factors are added continuously, these updates can be followed on their webmaster Blog or twitter.

May be it is the main rule of universe : "change".

whatever done google will always be a machine and bad links may come up on first results, change is a must.

how to cope with this change?
currently google is focusing on website speed, it is necessary to make most of content in least space possible in kbs, this is good for SEO and for visitors, bounce rate and avg time on website.

Never think that your site made it to top search results, Google will never be a friend to a website while better one is out there, your site hitting top search results does not mean it can not be penalized or "sandboxed", google said there is no such thing.

I personally saw websites falling down after hiting the top at SERPs, main causes and faults are :
1- bad advertising : POP- Ups
2- Heavy pages
3- Keyword stuffing
4- Content : copyrighted content or hack related even if only a part of website.
5- selling links.

you must follow changes by google, try to make your website clean and fast, that's it.


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